The Sapphire Legacy by Doug and Linda Raber   
Bold. Suspenseful. Riveting. The characters are compelling, and the events are frightening. This novel will keep you awake all night.


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The Sapphire Legacy

The Great Game isn't over ...

In 1994, President Clinton ordered military aircraft and technical specialists to a remote area in Kazakhstan to secure 650 kilograms of weapons-grade uranium and bring it to the U.S. for disposal. Hailed by the U.S. and Kazakh governments as an example of international cooperation, "Project Sapphire," didn't make much news.
     Two years later, a little-noticed story showed up in the Washington Times: Only 600 kilos of the highly enriched uranium made it to the U.S.—enough fissile material to make two nuclear bombs had disappeared.
     These events in our nation’s recent history form the basis of the new novel from Doug and Linda Raber.

     THE SAPPHIRE LEGACY traces the interweaving paths of immigrants and insurgents from Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. Hatred, fear, and duplicity threaten to undermine even the inspired efforts of the best CIA agents who suspect the plot is underway.
     How can they find a nuclear device when they can't even be sure that one exists? Or who might be responsible? Or what the target might be?
     Solidly grounded in fact, Doug and Linda Raber’s new thriller will plunge you into a lightning-paced adventure, as the desire of one man to play spy and another to avenge his son’s death, culminate in a desperate effort to prevent a nuclear attack.